Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mi Primer Dia de Clase en España

I have been in Valencia for three days and it already feels like I have been here for a month! I already can tell I am more confident talking and learning lots of new vocab and phrases! My mama here is so great and patient with my spanish! She always tells Caitlin and I great new frases (phrases) that directly translated don't make sense in English. For example:

Me he quitado un peso de ensima: this is kind of like I am relieved or the weight has been lifted off my head! She taught us this when Caitlin found her keys that she had lost for a few days (they were in the couch).

No pasa nada: which is a great to use all the time just means no big deal or it does not bother me.

Se me han que pegado las sabanos: this means I can't get out of bed because the sheets are stuck to me but you would use it when you don't want to get up or you slept in late as an excuse.

and in class we learned una chuleta: which is a cheat sheet.

I have found that many things here just make more sense. For example shoe sizes are all the same for guys, girls, and kids. So a children's 30 is the same for a man and vice-versa.

Another thing is that bus drivers have cards that they have to put in there bus before they can drive and they have to stop like every two hours for a 45 minute break. So not only is it a law that they can not drive all night, but they literally can not start there bus if they haven't rested.

Something I noticed in Valencia is that when people are walking on the streets no one is texting and walking. If someone wants to send a text they stop and step to the side, write there text, and then continue walking. It just makes more sense so you aren't walking into each other.

Also we eat breakfast lunch and dinner at our casa but it is very popular to go to a cafe or bar in mid afternoon and between meals and have a beer and a snack either a empanada or tapas, ext. They don't really snack but they eat through out the day. At our house we sit down for dinner for no less than an hour. Tonight Amparro had both her sons over for dinner and we sat and talked for almost two hours! I honestly think the best part about this trip so far is that I get to have three vegan meals a day prepared fresh and always different! I will have to make a post dedicated solely to all the delicious food I have had so far!

Some funny things that have happened.. Today my room mate got us some te verde (green tea) and another tea that looked like it was good for your digestive system.. when she brought it home Amparro (my mama here) said ah what is this?!?! haha she got us laxative tea on accident! Our mom was like are you trying to lose weight haha! Also my silly room mate, that I adore more than anything, wanted to try one of my vitamins today. So I assumed she new they weren't chewable and I tossed her one..she bit into it, which had to have tasted so bad! She cracks me up and is so great to have as a roomie!

Today the two of us when for a run in the morning at el rio (it is where the river was way back when in Valencia when the city flooded. Then for some reason it all dried up so now it is like a park that goes from one side of the city all the way to the beach. I think Amparro's son told me it was six miles long so it is great for running. It also has lots of trees and fountains and flowers it is a very pretty place to run!
Today we went to the police station because she had to report her phone being stolen and all the police in spain are very guapo (handsome) and they all were so nice and helpful and when we were leaving they were in there cute little european cop car and they honked and waved at us! haha nuevos amigos (new friends)!

So much is going on and the days feel so long but tomorrow is my second day of class and I only have one at 3:30! I am very lucky all my classes are after 10 am and I only have class monday through thursday!

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