Saturday, July 31, 2010

juice and crafts

So I feel like it is summer vacation all over again because I just finished my summer class and now I have nothing to do but hang out with friends and work.. work a lot, but I still have a lot of free time. Some how I managed to get sick this summer though. Not sure how that happened Im guessing all the late nighters studying and stressing out. So.. I made some carrot, apple, kale juice. As you can see I bought a 2 lb bag of kale :)

No worries this bag is great for juicing but I have another great recipe with kale that I will be posting shortly. hopefully this will cure me cause i am sick of being sick!

Also since I have all this free time I decided to do some arts and crafts. On this girl's blog (she is a friend of a friend out in cali) there was the cutest picture of a sign and I went out and got some popsicle sticks and went at it.

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