Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The other day I had a greek salad at Mellow Mushroom with tempeh on top and it was sooo delicious. I had never cooked with tempeh before but every time I try it out I always really enjoy it so I figured it must not be too hard to make. Plus when I went to the store they had it for so cheap I just picked some up and figured I could think of something to make with it.

I used an asian toasted sesame dressing to marinade the tempeh in the fridge for an hour before cooking it.

While the tempeh was marinading I chopped up some carrots and red pepper into bite sized pieces and grabbed a handful of walnuts to throw in with the tempeh.

I added the carrots, peppers, and walnuts and let it soak up a little more of the dressing while I heated up a pan with a little bit of olive oil in it.

After adding the tempeh mix to the pan I let it cook on one side for 5 minutes and the flip it over to cook on the other for another 5 minutes or so. Next I poured the rest of the marinade over top of it and let it cook up while stirring it around making sure to not let the marinade burn or have the tempeh stick to the pan.

After it was done cooking I spooned the tempeh mix over some fresh baby greens for a delicious tempeh asian salad but you could always mix this with rice, noodles, on a sandwich, or even use it as the filling for a lettuce wrap .


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